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About the Songs:

Boris Yoffe's attitude to verbal language is distrustful, even hostile: language, from his point of view, is the most powerful model of the world/reality, which governs perception and distorts immediate experience. On the other hand, he has always been an avid reader of philosophical, literary, and especially poetic texts, and is himself the author of numerous essays.

His songs are all spontaneous, some thanks to a momentary inspiration by a text, others as a kind of mockery, joke, absurd game, even polemic with language.

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ECM50 | 2009 Boris Yoffe "Song of Songs"
Made by IJ.Biermann

das was nicht da war
Das was nicht da war (after Riccardo Held)
Eine alte Tanne zu den Enkelkindern (after Riccardo Held)
Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland (after Theodor Fontane)
Three romances after Daniil Charms (translated by Boris Yoffe)
Fang den Augenblick
Alle Menschen lieben das Geld
Einem Franzosen hat man ein Sofa, vier Stühle und einen Sessel geschenkt
Three songs after Nikolai Sabolozki
Lass deine Seele nicht faulenzen
Hässliches Mädchen
Irgendwo im Feld bei Magadan
Angela Yoffe

Atem (after Franz Werfel)
for Sopran and Streichquartett
Barbara Schachtner, Landolfi-Quartett